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Our mission is to provide you with the best quality trophies, awards, branded apparel and promotional products available. We work with premier suppliers, and are dedicated to providing you with top quality products at prices that won't threaten your marketing budget. Contact us for special pricing on every national brand you see here! Our experienced and highly trained staff are ready to take on your marketing needs and help you make an impression that will last a lifetime. No matter what your budget is, we have a solution for you!

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Why Should I Promote My Business?


Because especially in a struggling economy, your business needs to be visible and audible. But most importantly, because your competition is already hot on the advertising trail! Your potential and existing customers need constant contact with your company that will both strengthen the relationship bond and protect against ravenous competitors that are seeking to steal away market share. The real question is HOW should you promote your business? Which form of advertising media should you pursue? What broadcasting avenue will allow you to reach the most relevant prospects without wasting your advertising dollars on people that will never walk through your door?


So what's the answer then? Meet your customers where they are. If they need you at home, live in their house. If they need you at the ballgame, be at the game. If they need you in their car, tag along. You get the picture, and no form of advertising can make this dream a reality like custom imprinted promotional items. We boast over 20 years of experience in the promo ad business not so we can tell you what to buy, rather, our goal is to help you answer the tough questions like the ones above so you can decide if promotional products fit your marketing needs. And if they do, which items will help you broadcast your image in the most cost efficient and effective way.


How and When Should I Use Promotional Products?


You know your customers better than anyone else ever will. Remember, meet them where they are. Use promotional products that are relevant to your customers' every day life. If they spend a lot of time in their office then calendars, note pads, stress toys, mouse pads and ink pens are a great place to start. If they are more inclined to be outside, use products that are geared toward outdoor use such as caps, visors, flyers and umbrellas. Sponsoring or supporting an event? T-shirts have proven to be the most effective method to get the word out to as many people as possible. And if you are just tired of the same old giveaways year after year, we have assembled a categorized listing of our promotional offerings that will breathe new life into your advertising campaign.


And what about timing? Exactly when is the best time for you to begin your marketing onslaught? Well, tradeshows and other pre-planned events of the like are pretty easy to figure because you only have lead time to consider. For everything else, we go to fairy tale land. No, not to escape reality, but to make sure that you are not too hot, not too cold but "just right". As a general rule, the average attention span of a market segment is about 4 - 6 weeks. The ideal demographic size for this length of time would be a city or larger and should be decreased slightly as your target market size decreases. This is the time frame before your event that your target audience needs to start "seeing and believing" as you distribute your custom branded items. And while the procurement cycle rarely takes longer than 2 weeks from conception to products on hand, we recommend that you start the process 4 weeks prior to your distribution start date. (8 - 10 wks pre-event) This will provide extra time for artwork changes and quantity addendums if needed and make the process as cost efficient and worry free for you as possible.


We have provided a detailed event calendar that will help you make the most impressions per advertising dollar and help get your special event the special attention it deserves!