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G100  Easy-Mend Sewing Kit
Easy-Mend Sewing Kit
1.16 - 1.62 / Min. Qty: 300
Each kit contains 10 pre-threaded needles, two spare buttons and one safety pin; The pre-threaded needles have a generous supply of thread, each in a different color; The case features a frosted window, that hinders ...

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G105  Traveler's Toothbrush
Traveler's Toothbrush
1.01 - 1.44 / Min. Qty: 250
An appreciated travel companion in an impact-plastic, protective case; Fits easily into purse, pocket or travel kit; Medium-soft, white bristles; Compact For Travel, Full Size For Use

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G120  The Big Easy Shoehorn
The Big Easy Shoehorn
1.06 - 1.58 / Min. Qty: 250
A giant, 12-inch-long assistant that makes a hard job easy; Molded in tough, ABS plastic for long lasting service and appreciation; Exclusive, easy-grip, non-slip, handle and always-in-view imprint area; Reduce ...

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G125  Fold-Away Toothbrush
Fold-Away Toothbrush
1.24 - 1.74 / Min. Qty: 250
A compact and convenient, traveling package that opens up to create a full-size toothbrush; Ergonomically designed handle features a rubber grip for easy brushing with medium nylon bristles; ; Designed For Easy ...

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G3  Blissful Back Scratcher / Shoehorn
Blissful Back Scratcher / Shoehorn
1.43 - 1.96 / Min. Qty: 150
The extra-long, 17" length provides easy use; Tough, ABS construction guarantees long lasting companionship; Loaded with features including feel-good scratching fingers, smooth-glide shoehorn, hanging hole and ...

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H222  Smooth-Dose Pill Splitter
Smooth-Dose Pill Splitter
1.88 - 2.62 / Min. Qty: 150
Easy to load and easy to use, Smooth Dose features a stainless-steel blade to trim pills to size; Holds a week's supply of split pills in the handy, front, storage area; ; Special Assistance To Make The Medicine ...

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H283  Fill, Fold and Fly Medicine Box
Fill, Fold and Fly Medicine Box
1.58 - 2.18 / Min. Qty: 100
This medicine box features six, easy-to-fill compartments, each with snap-tight lids; Both sides fold together, held by a safety latch that securely locks the box and protects the contents; To open and close safety ...

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H720  Health Chest Pill Keeper
Health Chest Pill Keeper
1.72 - 2.32 / Min. Qty: 150
Holds up to a month's supply of pills and tablets; Molded of rugged polypropylene with a living-hinge, snap-tight lid and seven, large-capacity compartments; ; Organizes, Manages, And Stores

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H767  Big-7 All-Week Pill Box - 7"
Big-7 All-Week Pill Box - 7"
1.06 - 1.50 / Min. Qty: 250
An, All-Week, pill box featuring compartments with twice the capacity of the H757; Rugged, long-lasting, polypropylene construction with molded-in letters to designate days of the week and inscribed with Braille ...

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H9  Easy-View Acrylic Medicine Spoon
Easy-View Acrylic Medicine Spoon
1.03 - 1.53 / Min. Qty: 300
Molded in tough, clear, acrylic plastic; 2 1/2 teaspoon capacity; Calibrations printed, in ml's and teaspoons; Crystal, Clear Calibration Panel For Accurate Doses

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K116  Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler
Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler
1.08 - 1.54 / Min. Qty: 300
Kitchen friendly and oh so handy and helpful; a must for every kitchen; Extra-sharp blade in stainless steel; each blade has a removable, protective, vinyl strip for safety in shipping and initial handling; Extra-large ...

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K118  Pasta Pal Spaghetti Server
Pasta Pal Spaghetti Server
1.08 - 1.46 / Min. Qty: 250
Ergonomic design makes the handle easy to hold and serving comfortable, safe and easy; Measuring holes give portions for 1, 2, 3, and 4 servings; Molded in tough, dishwasher safe, ABS plastic; Ergonomically Designed...

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K119  Multi-Use Vegetable Peeler
Multi-Use Vegetable Peeler
1.77 - 2.36 / Min. Qty: 150
This versatile utensil makes food preparation easier and faster by combining six tools in one; Use to peel, grate, eye potatoes, open bottles and measure liquids in quantities of one-half and one-teaspoon; Features ...

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K233  Toughie Magnetic 3" Bag Clip
Toughie Magnetic 3" Bag Clip
1.03 - 1.40 / Min. Qty: 300
A powerful clip packed into a compact size combined with a built-in, chrome plated magnet makes this useful bag clip ideal for an advertising message; Non-rust construction; ; Powerful Built-In Metal Magnet

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K312  Here's-To-You Plastic Wine Glass
Here's-To-You Plastic Wine Glass
1.78 - 2.06 / Min. Qty: 100
One piece construction with a universal design and a capacity of over six ounces, you can taste and toast with red or white wine; Designed to compliment our snack trays for double exposure; Molded in rugged SAN ...

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K315  Take-Two Snack & Wine Tray
Take-Two Snack & Wine Tray
1.32 - 1.62 / Min. Qty: 150
With a wine glass in one hand, an hors d'oeuvre in the other, you have all you can hold; Perfect for wedding receptions, stand-up parties and for that special wine and cheese party; Imprint is screened on the bottom ...

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K381  Companion Corkscrew
Companion Corkscrew
1.16 - 1.62 / Min. Qty: 300
At home or traveling, everyone appreciates this handy and useful opener; A combination corkscrew and bottle opener in a rugged, ABS plastic case; Extra large, nickel-plated, metal screw; Promotes Anniversaries, ...

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K46  Cook's Favorite Slim Silicone Spatula
Cook's Favorite Slim Silicone Spatula
1.69 - 2.34 / Min. Qty: 250
Slim, silicone spatulas mounted on ergo-grip, non-slip handles with a convenient hanging hole; Heat resistant to 500 degrees; Dishwasher-safe; Reduces Waste, Gets Every Last Drop

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K49  Cook's-Favorite Wide Silicone Spatula
Cook's-Favorite Wide Silicone Spatula
1.86 - 2.56 / Min. Qty: 250
Extra-large, silicone spatulas mounted on ergo-grip, non-slip handles with a convenient hanging hole; Designed for big-bowl performance; Heat resistant to 500 degrees; Dishwasher-safe; Professional Assistance ...

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K51  Muscle-Grip Bag Clip
Muscle-Grip Bag Clip
1.21 - 1.64 / Min. Qty: 250
Powerful, 4" blades create a tight seal; Colorful rubber handle tips, provide non-slip control; The tough, high-tension, plastic spring will never rust; Exclusive Comfort-Grip Handles

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K55  Over-Easy Cooking Spatula
Over-Easy Cooking Spatula
1.62 - 2.18 / Min. Qty: 250
Rugged and non-scratch, heat resistant Nylon; One-piece construction; dishwasher safe; A must-have, kitchen helper for every cook and chef; A Classic Kitchen Necessity

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K92  Cook's Choice Two-Cup Measuring Cup
Cook's Choice Two-Cup Measuring Cup
1.56 - 2.10 / Min. Qty: 150
Sleek, attractive, easy-to-pour design with an extra-long, comfortable handle; Molded of non-breakable polypropylene material; dishwasher safe; no-drip pouring spout; Large, two-cup capacity with calibrations in ...

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L44  Sure-Grip Letter Opener
Sure-Grip Letter Opener
1.19 - 1.36 / Min. Qty: 250
An eye-catching design; Soft and colorful rubber grips provide a safe, sure, non-slip, gripping surface; Extra-sharp, stainless-steel cutting blade; Exclusive Rubber-Grip

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L50  Wall Street Letter Opener / Magnifier
Wall Street Letter Opener / Magnifier
1.34 - 1.53 / Min. Qty: 250
Combines smooth stainless-steel cutting action with a 3X, acrylic magnifier; Open your mail and easily read the fine print, too; ; Extra Value, Extra Uses, Extra Advertising Exposure

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L99  Present-A-Card Letter Opener
Present-A-Card Letter Opener
1.51 - 1.62 / Min. Qty: 250
Holds and displays a standard 2" x 3 1/2" business card; Each letter opener comes with complete instructions; Long lasting stainless-steel blade; An Appreciated Executive Gift

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M456  Record Doc™ Medical Diary
Record Doc™ Medical Diary
1.02 - 1.40 / Min. Qty: 250
A complete medical history in an easy-to-carry package; this expanded edition includes 26 pages of information on healthcare proxies, wills and alternative medicines; Covers are magnetic to hold contents together; ...

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P687  All-Pet Pill Box
All-Pet Pill Box
1.30 - 1.78 / Min. Qty: 150
Pet meds now have a home in this generous-size, seven-compartment pill container; Lids can be custom printed with animals of your choice. Got a pet monkey? We can customize the P687 for your friend. (Minimum quantities ...

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R475  6' Round-The-House Tape Measure
6' Round-The-House Tape Measure
1.34 - 1.82 / Min. Qty: 150
Features a six-foot, polyester tape with black, inch/metric calibrations; Black, command button to stop and rewind automatically; ; Exclusive Design Provides 44% Larger Imprint Area

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7103  Red Light-Up LED Yo-Yo with Red Flashing Lights
1.45 - 1.80 / Min. Qty: 150
 Rush Available
Yo-yo lights up during use. LED lights match the Yo-yo color.

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7138OP3  The BrandBandTM Bracelet and Wrist Band with Woven-In Logo and Copy
1.00 - 1.35 / Min. Qty: 500
(Patent #3,962,244)  The BrandBandTM is a fresh and new alternative to the silicone bracelet and wrist band concept. It's a fun and lighthearted medium for corporate and event branding, but fashionable and can ...

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5085 Products - Pg: 6 of 170 See Top 500
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